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Kryptonite Launches Messenger Collection

Kryptonite launches a collection of urban security locks design by messengers.  This collection called the Messenger Series creates bike security for today's urban locking needs:  Flexibility/Fit--Locks that maximize the number of places where it's possible to lock a bike; Durability--Keys that don't break, don't get stuck in the cylinder, and operate under heavy use; One Lock Solution--Proper security without the need to carry two locks.  The outcome--Five new locks:  Messenger Mini; Messenger Mini +; The Total Package; Chain & Moly; and Security WheelNutz.  Found at your most secure bike shops.


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Newest Product Offering--WASPcam Action Cameras!

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Lexco now offers the WASPcam Action Cameras.  WASPcam action sports cameras are equipped with a live viewing screen, high frame-rate quality, great pixel power, and an affordable camera option.

Be amazed and watch two incredible videos shot with a WASPcam camera.

The top-of-the-line GIDEON records high-definition video up to 1080p60, snaps still images up to 16-Megapixel and built-in WiFi connects camera to an iPhone or Android for live viewing, recording, and sharing content online and with friends and family.

Fantastic value adding another dimension to riding!


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Announcing OPEN HOUSE WEEK April 7-11, 2014

Lexco is excited to announce Open House Week April 7-11, 2014.  Fantastic Open House Discounts & Terms are available--10% discount and up to Net 90 day terms.  We'll have a raffle at the end of the week for great items like new item WASPcam Action Sports Camera, Schwalbe tires, Hollywood Racks, Pinhead Locks, Vuelta USA, Wheels Mfg.  Your account must be current to qualify.  Open House information is attached.

In addition there are specials from great brands like Hollywood Racks, Seacoast Custom Water Bottles, Kryptonite Locks, and Adams Trail-a-bikes.